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Bearcat Equity

A reporting program for students, faculty, and staff to share concerns about bias or discrimination, whether it's based on race, sex, religion, national origin, LGBTQ, gender identity, disability, age, veteran status, or your viewpoint or experience around any of these – any situation where you perceive, witness, or are directly impacted by a discriminatory message delivered by someone in our community, or in Maryville, because of who you are or how you think.

Why does Northwest care if I experience bias or discrimination?

Northwest Missouri State University is committed to improvement and leading by example. Your success is impacted by your sense of personal safety, whether you are a Northwest student, faculty, or staff. If you cannot freely and comfortably be yourself and who you are, your ability to do your very best may be affected. We need to know if bias or discrimination happens so the appropriate action can be put in place for positive change.

Northwest is also committed to freedom of expression where members of our community have a right to express their views, along with the right to disagreement.

What will happen if I report an incident of bias or discrimination?

Reports of bias and discrimination will be reviewed within 24 hours of receipt.  If a victim is known, support services will be provided.  Reports will be addressed by the Equity Office or shared with another appropriate campus office, including but not limited to: University Police, Human Resources, Conduct Office, or university administrator.

What's the next step?

We want to hear from you. Your perceptions or concerns are important. We are listening! Use the online app to share your equity concerns or experience, or email

Make a Report

Disclaimer: The Bearcat Equity webpage and online form is not monitored 24/7.
If you are in imminent danger or need immediate action, please contact University Police at 660.562.1254 or call 911.

Thank you, BEARCATS, for helping all of us do better! We value EVERYONE in our Northwest community.