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Take the Sustainability Pledge

Take the pledge:

Please select one activity from each category. I will….

…Reduce, Reuse and Recycle the waste I create by:

Check Reducing the amount of resources I purchase, consume and discard.
Check Using a reusable grocery bag when shopping.
Check Using reusable silverware and dishes, mugs and water bottles.
Check Conserving paper.
Check Subscribing to online magazines, newspapers and periodicals, instead of hard copy paper formats.
Check Editing papers and documents on the computer and saving to a disk rather than printing them.
Check Sending and storing documents, emails and other items electronically rather than printing and filing them.
Check Printing double-sided whenever possible
Check Designating a box for scrap paper that myself and others can reuse.
Check Reusing envelopes by placing a new label over the old address.
Check Making recycling a habit, and not a nuisance.
Check Learning what I can recycle from the student handbook and recycling brochures.
Check Purchasing recycled or reused products, especially those that can be recycled again.
Check Finding new uses for old things, like reusing a grocery bag as a trash bag.
Check Keeping in mind the lifetime of a product, and trying to reduce my use of disposable items.
Check Avoiding products with excessive packaging, and looking for packaging that is recyclable or reusable.
Check Donating unwanted items that are still in good condition before throwing them away.

…Conserve Energy by:

Check Not running the water while I brush my teeth or shave.
Check Limiting my time in the shower and using hot water sparingly.
Check Doing only full loads of laundry and dishes.
Check Using self-foaming soap whenever possible, or using a minimal amount of water to get soap to foam, then turning the water (back) on to rinse my hands off.
Check Turning off unused or unneeded lights whenever possible.
Check Using natural lighting whenever possible.
Check Using compact fluorescent bulbs whenever possible, which conserve electricity and transmit less heat than incandescent bulbs.
Check Avoiding decorative lighting.
Check Minimizing my computer usage.
Check Turning off my computer when it is not in use.
Check Not using power strips to turn on computers and other electronics, but turn them on individually, so as to not create a power surge.
Check Minimizing the use of screen savers and enabling power management features such as hibernation, standby or sleep mode when my computer or other electronic devices are inactive.
Check Turning off my monitor and speakers when not in use.
Check Safely shutting down my computer, or having it hibernate every night.
Check Purchasing Energy Star appliances whenever possible.
Check Turning off and unplugging all energy consuming equipment (cell phone chargers, pencil sharpeners, etc) when not in use.
Check Arranging my room to place my desk or chair next to the window so I can study/work in natural light.
Check Drying my clothes (sweaters, jeans, etc) on a drying rack rather than in the dryer, or placing still damp clothes on a drying rack instead of re-setting the dryer cycle for a few items.
Check Setting my thermostats higher in the summer and lower in the winter.
Check Dressing appropriately for the season so as to not use more heating/cooling.
Check Keeping windows and outside doors in temperature controlled environments closed.

…Eat Sustainably by:

Check Eating locally when possible to save transportation costs and help the local economy.
Check Taking only as much as I can eat at meals, or bringing leftovers home to eat later.
Check Avoiding a high meat diet, and fill my plate with more vegetables.
Check Avoiding the use of disposable plates, cups, utensils and trays.
Check Avoiding take-out foods that are over-packaged.
Check Eating organic foods whenever possible.

…Become an eco-friendly traveler by:

Check Walking, or riding my bike, skateboard, etc. rather than driving-this will save on gas, reduce air pollution, reduce parking congestion, and will allow me to be healthier physically.
Check Carpooling whenever possible.
Check Turning off my car rather than leaving it idle for a long period of time.
Check Having my car regularly serviced for emissions checks and performance.

…Experience sustainability within the community by:

Check Encouraging others to take the pledge.
Check Speaking out against those who litter, or negatively impact the environment.
Check Volunteering time to educate those who do not know about sustainability and what they can do to help.