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Minor in Writing

The Minor in Writing (a 24-hour program) is a useful complement to any major. Students who wish to improve their abilities of written expression or who wish to further explore the possibilities for how writing is used in their major field of study should consider this minor. The minor includes mass communication electives and a range of advanced-study opportunities in creative writing, technical writing, popular media and language.

Course No.Course NameHours
Engl 10-210 Introduction to Creative Writing 3
Eng 10-311 Advanced Composition 3
Eng 10-315 Writing for the Professions 3
Approved electives from the following: 15
Any two English Department literature courses 6
Eng 10-304 Rhetorical Writing (3)
Eng 10-312 Creative Writing: Creative Nonfiction (3)
Eng 10-313 Creating Writing: Fiction (3)
Eng 10-314 Creative Writing: Poetry (3)
Engl 10-322 Introduction to the Teaching of Writing (3)
Engl 10-380 Practicum in Teaching Writing (1)
Eng 10-414 The Structure & Theory of Creative Writing (3)
Engl 10-419 Directed Writing (1-4)
Engl 10-430 Writing for the Online Age (3)
Engl 10-495 Internship in Writing and Research (3)
Engl 10-501 Writing, Language, and Pedagogy (3)
Engl 10-512 Publication Skills (3)
Eng 10-560 Advanced Creative Writing (3)
MC 20-227 Reporting (3)
MC 20-327 Advanced Reporting (3)
MC 20-358 Feature Writing (3)
Total Hours 24