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The minimum GPA required for participating in a Study Abroad Program is 2.5. Other programs or institutions may require a higher GPA (ranging between 2.75 and 3.0). Good academic standing and disciplinary issues are also taken into consideration. Students who are on academic probation will not be allowed to Study Abroad.

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Do Research

Before you apply for a program, the Northwest Study Abroad Office requires that students discuss their study abroad options and plans with their Academic Advisor. Please follow the steps below before you start your application process:

  • Meet early on with your Academic Advisor and the Study Abroad staff to learn about program options and courses.  First semester of your Freshman year is NOT too early!
  • Discuss Study Abroad course options with your advisor and ask which courses may be particularly helpful for your major/minor.  Most programs will allow you to take Major/Minor, Northwest Core, and elective credit courses.
  • Ask about the transferability of major/minor requirements and know which ones you may fulfill abroad and which requirements must be fulfilled at Northwest.
  • Keep in mind that for most study abroad programs, the language of instruction is in English, not in that country’s native language.

Credit Approval

Academic departments have sole authority and responsibility for reviewing and approving study abroad courses for credit at Northwest. When reviewing courses, please keep in mind that not all institutions abroad require the detailed syllabi that are common in the United States, and many foreign universities require more independent work outside of scheduled class hours to successfully complete a course. Students are requested to obtain approval of the courses they intend to take abroad before they leave Northwest, and you will fill out Course Credit Approval forms prior to departure.

Often for the classes you take at an international university, complete information about your courses (syllabi, textbooks, exams, lectures, etc.) won’t be available until you arrive. While it is your responsibility to gather the necessary information for your professor to review and assess course content and award credit, the Study Abroad Office will be glad to assist you.


Submit Your Application

  • Important Reminder: There will be a $50.00 charge posted to your Northwest account for EACH application you begin, regardless of whether you end up Studying Abroad or not. If you make a mistake or want to align your application to another program, please contact Ms. Connie Murphy in the Study Abroad Office at
  • Applying: Some programs require that you apply first to Northwest, and then make a separate application to the Program Provider or international university. Make sure you are aware if your program requires 2 applications., Except for ISEP programs, always fill out the Northwest application first. Faculty Led programs require ONLY the Northwest application.
  • Recommendation Letter: All Study Abroad participants must have one letter of recommendation from one of their professors. These letters are required by our partner universities and part of the screening process for selecting participants for our overseas study programs. Mainly what we are looking for is the student's ability to adapt to a new situation and to function in a different academic environment. Requests for letters may be made when filling out the application, and your professor will receive an automatic request through the system.
  • Transcript: You will not need to request a transcript from Northwest’s Registrar’s Office for the Northwest application; the Study Abroad Office will ask for and upload the document into your application. You may need to request an official transcript for partner university or 3rd Party Programs, but the Study Abroad Office will cover the cost of the that service.

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