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Reporting Violations & Disciplinary Process

Reporting Violations & Disciplinary Process

As we become more globally connected, Northwest is committed to ensuring efficient management and security of all campus technology resources to ensure the University's strategic goals for student success.  All individuals using Northwest-provided technology resources and accounts are required to support and abide by campus technology policies.

You, Northwest Technology & Policy Violations

Cases of technology policy violation at Northwest where the campus network(s) and its technology resources were used inappropriately or illegally are subject to University disciplinary action and in many cases, criminal charges.

When an information technology policy violation occurs, it may be necessary to temporarily or permanently deactivate a user’s access to his/her computer and network account, thus, prohibiting/ restricting access to the campus network in order to preserve and protect the network and its valuable information technology services and resources.

Report suspected cases of technology policy violation where the campus network and its technology resources were used inappropriately or illegally, to the Northwest Technology Service Center or University Police!

Disclaimer: Although the local, state and federal criminal statutes and legal consequences (e.g. fines, jail time, etc.) found within Northwest's technology policies sections have been produced and processed from legitimate government and pertinent legal/educational sources believed to be reliable, no warranty expressed or implied is made by Northwest regarding completeness or precision of the content.


You, Northwest Technology & Disciplinary Process

Violations of Northwest Technology Policies should be reported to the head of the Office of Information Technology or his/her designee who may (at his or her discretion) consult with appropriate University officials such as Human Resources, Student Affairs, the Provost and all other stakeholders before referring the incident to either the Student Conduct and Development Coordinator or University Police.

In cases of student violations, the Student Conduct and Development Coordinator will follow procedures
outlined in the Student Code of Conduct (SCOC) and the SCOC will guide any actions taken from that point. However, any violations by students which are thought to be criminal in nature will be reported directly to University Police.

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