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English Education

Why Major in English Education?

A degree in English education prepares students for meaningful careers in middle and high school classrooms. As an English education major at Northwest, students learn the skills to be successful in the classroom – classroom management, differentiated instruction, professionalism, practical strategies for teaching reading and writing – but they also learn about the teaching of English as a craft and an art.

Through books, English teachers expose students to other cultures and time periods, giving insight into how others think and have thought. Through writing instruction, English teachers give students a voice of their own and the means to express themselves to their world. Often, English teaching is associated with spelling, punctuation, grammar and other basic skills. As an English education major, students learn how to teach those skills, but also promote social justice and give kids the tools to thrive in an evolving world through reading and writing.

Minor in English

The Minor in English (30 hours) is an attractive choice for students majoring in another teaching area such as social science, a foreign language, speech, art or music. This minor offers a balance of writing and literature courses similar to the Bachelor of Arts in English.

This minor, when completed under the B.S.Ed. Secondary or Elementary/Secondary Programs, meets Missouri teacher certification standards for grades 9-12.

Career Ready. Day One.

Northwest ensures students are career ready, day one through internships, field experiences and networking opportunities. Read Dimitric's story »

Dimitric is Career ready. Day One.

Career Opportunities

placement rate

100% of students who graduate with a degree in English education obtain employment or continue their education within six months after graduation.

*Based on self-reported data

Profession-Based Learning Experiences

Education majors get experience in the classroom during their freshman year. Northwest is dedicated to ensuring students are career-ready and prepared for the first day of their careers.

Freshman-year observation provides students an opportunity to observe a professional teacher during their first year. Students interact with professionals in the field and learn classroom operation and effective teaching practices.

During a student’s sophomore year, students participate in a field experience, during which they outline a unit plan and teach lessons.

During the junior-year practicum experience, students spend time in the classroom, teaching lessons, integrating technology and literacy, engaging in learning strategies and using assessments to guide education.

The senior-year student teaching involves students in preparing lessons and teaching in a classroom.

Student Testimonial

QuoteWhat sets the department at Northwest apart from other universities is the instructors' willingness to help students. They are never timid consulting another professor who may have more knowledge in that particular field or helping students work through a variety of problems. The open door policy that Northwest has does wonders when wanting the advice of or help from a professor.

I could not wait to impart the knowledge the English Department faculty has given to me on the high school students I would teach. I know this department helped mold me into a participant in my field and I am so grateful. I chose Northwest because many of my family members are alumni, but I chose this department to make this college experience my own.Quote

Alexis Leggett
Kansas City, Missouri

Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Study Abroad is an opportunity for students to apply hands-on international experience to their own academic development. Faculty members provide short-term study programs that prepare students before, during and after the program. Two types of study abroad programs are available, Faculty-led and traditional study abroad.

The traditional program can be a semester, summer or year-long program and is taught by Northwest’s international partner institutions.

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The Northwest Difference

The Northwest Difference

Founded in 1905, Northwest is a traditional campus with more than 7,200 undergraduate and graduate students. Located in the middle of everywhere, Maryville is two hours from Omaha, Nebraska and Kansas City, Missouri and 2 ½ hours from Des Moines, Iowa.

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Nearly $22 Million in scholarships and grants awarded annually.

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Career Ready. Day One.

Students organizations, internships and profession-based learning experiences ensure students are Career Ready, Day One.

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Graduation Rate: 90th percentile

Graduation Rate: 90th percentile of Northwest's national peer group.