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Natalie Cote

Northwest students are Career Ready. Day One.

When you come in to get a degree here, they are not just funneling you in. They really try their best and make an active, everyday effort to try and open doors for you.

Natalie Cote
Emergency and Disaster Management

Natalie Cote

Graduating class: 2021
 Lawrence, Kansas
Major: Emergency and Disaster Management 
Other Activities:

  • Speaking Bearcats
  • Honors Program

The Northwest Experience

After witnessing the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy on the Atlantic coast in 2012, Natalie became interested in emergency and disaster management. It wasn't until attending Northwest that Natalie discovered the role that emergency managers also can play in the protection of cultural heritage, particularly in museums.

Natalie was heavily involved at Northwest in self-led research projects and even presented a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan for a public library. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in museum collections management at The George Washington University. She credits her success and accomplishments to Dr. John Carr, an instructor of emergency and disaster management.

The hands-on opportunities and experiences Natalie gained at Northwest make her career ready, day one.