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Bruce Menard

Northwest students are Career Ready. Day One.

Every student, every day. This is something I am going to implement in my own classroom because I felt included here and I want my students to feel that same way.

Bruce Menard
Mathematics Education

Bruce Menard

Graduating Class: 2020
Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri
Major: Mathematics Education
Other Activities:

  • Pi Mu Epsilon
  • Mock trial
  • Northwest Esports Club
  • National Society of Collegiate Scholars

The Northwest Experience

Bruce was passionate about teaching, and he knew Maryville was the perfect fit since all of his favorite high school teachers went to Northwest.

Bruce chose to focus on mathematics education because he enjoyed making math understandable to others and explaining it in different ways. Hands-on experiences in the classroom during his first year, student teaching, tutoring and interactions with faculty gave him opportunities to grow his understanding of mathematics and build confidence in his ability ;to instruct students.

Through teaching methods coursework and professional learning communities, he worked with other education majors and developed techniques to help students succeed in the classroom, allowing him to graduate career ready, day one.